VISUALL-tek is a library of 3 apps dedicated to visual studies and social sciences. These 3 apps, Ikonikat, V-Atlas and Coddeix, were inspired by an interdisciplinary dialogue between social scientists and computer scientists specialized in human-computer interaction. They were produced by the ANR Visuall project team, associated with the “Sciences et cultures du visuel” (SCV) research unit. SCV is based at the Imaginarium in Tourcoing and sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund, the CNRS, Université Lille 1, and Université Lille 3.

Our Apps

Ikonikat [IKONIK Analysis Toolkit]

Ikonikat gives the possibility to everyone to show, through the drawing, what they think relevant in a picture.

V-Atlas [(Video-) Analysis TooL Assisted by Slitscan]

V-Atlas lets you manipulate an atlas using a touch screen to study how a recurrent pattern, such as the figure of the hero, varies across a corpus of images or films.

Coddeix [COllaborative Digital devide for DEIXis]

Coddeix allows for remote, collaborative study of video by enabling users to point out particular parts of the image.


Who’s who?

Mathias Blanc

Project coordinator, PhD in sociology, Mathias Blanc was winner of the Fernand Braudel IFER-Outgoing program (FMSH-Actions Marie Curie-Thyssen Stiftung) and then of the DAAD to pursue his postdoctoral research in visual sociology at the Berlin Institute of Technology (Technische Universität Berlin, 2011-2013).

He is currently coordinator of the ANR VISUALL project (2013-2017) within the Institute of Historical Research of the North (CNRS / University Lille 3). This project questions the links between visual sociology and image sciences in the Germanic world (Bildwissenschaften). This research led him to design digital devices of visual annotations that value the plasticity of the image, the techniques of collage and marking. The tools developed are exploited to study more precisely the social distribution of knowledge with pictures in situations of cultural or scientific mediation.

Cécile Picard-Limpens

After graduating as an acoustic engineer, Cécile Picard-Limpens obtained her PhD in Computer Science (INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis) on Modeling and Sound Synthesis for Virtual Environments, then worked at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Genève (CH) and to Numédiart (Mons, BE) on research projects combining sound synthesis and human-machine interaction.

Within the program of research “Sciences et Cultures du Visuel” (SCV, University Lille 3), she is in charge of the management of scientific projects. Moreover, she is co-designer of the V-Atlas project (Video Analysis TooL Assisted by Slitscan) conceived by the sociologist Mathias Blanc (ANR VISUALL, IRHiS / CNRS-Lille University 3).

Julien Wylleman

After working in the IT industry, Julien Wylleman has been a research engineer since 2013 at the CRIStAL laboratory (CNRS / Université Lille 1) within the technology and software platform PIRVI (Plateforme Interactions-Réalité Virtuelle-Images). Developer of the VISUALL-tek apps, he is specialized in graphic design and virtual reality.

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